It should be mentioned that not long ago Paul Lennon wrote a book for intermediate to advanced guitar players with a speciality interest in the blues. Blues guitar and blues harmonica have a lot of similarities between them and will allow a competent musician to grasp the fundamentals of the blues very nicely.

The title given to this book is Rifforama – 60 Blues Rock Guitar Riffs.  It is currently on sale here from £12.99. This complete version is for download only and includes the book as a pdf and the music tracks as mp3s.  If you want the pdf book only then that is available for £7.99.

The book has been written because a lot of harmonica players often start out as guitarists and other musicians with varying levels of ability. Using the playalong method that we’ve found so effective with harmonica riffs, this book of guitar riffs will help both lead and rhythm players to expand their repertoire.

“This CD/book is not really for beginners and some of the technique is quite demanding. My aim has been to capture the essence of each player in my original riff and provide new duo material for you to work with. The playalong track can be used by you alone or in a duo or class situation.” – See more at:

We strongly advise any aspiring blues player to check this book out for enhancing their abilities and solidifying their skills.