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Hohner Little Lady a Beauty to Behold

A Seriously Small Hohner.

What is the smallest harmonica in the world? This is the Hohner Little Lady. They make heaps of these so I shaved a little bit of metal off one of them to make it even smaller and now – I believe – this is THE smallest harmonica in the world.
The Hohner Little Lady is the same as holes 4-7 on a standard-tuned harmonica. With our books, such as Funky Nursery and Funky Xmas from, you can play along to the 20 or so tunes on your mini harp. The play-along tracks are in four different versions to make them easy to learn and they all fit into a 1-octave range so work perfectly on this mini harmonica.
Imagine your friends faces when you play proper tunes on the tiny harmonica hanging off your neck! This fun video shows you just how tiny the Little Lady is.

Technique Corner : Top Tips on Tone!

Every harmonica player wants fat tone.  Unfortunately he’s out delivering pizzas!  But seriously, every harmonica player is searching for the holy grail in terms of tone quality whether acoustic or amplified.  Listen to William Clarke’s album Serious Intentions for great examples of acoustic and amplified tone.  In this video we will show you five ways to improve your tone.