Whats the situation?

Well, the masterful Ben Hewlett will be joining the lineup for the exciting Harmonica Masters Workshops 2014 which is being held in Germany. He will be teaching the workshop called: Blues on the Chromatic Harmonica for Beginners.

Course Outline:

“The workshop is mainly directed at diatonic harp players of any level who want to learn to play the chromatic in a blues style to add another dimension to their playing. This is mostly based on the easy and familiar third position as played on diatonic. We are going to learn how to play rhythms and chords effectively with great punch and timing in the 12 bar blues.”

“We will analyze the styles of the originals Little Walter and George Harmonica Smith, as well as some of their students such as William Clarke. We will also take a look at present-day masters such as Kim Wilson and Dennis Greunling. In addition, we will approach single note playing and improvising around the blues scale. Finally we’ll learn some classic blues tunes for you to be able to play confidently with a band.”

Ben’s thoughts:

He has told us that he is very excited about this wonderful opportunity to join such a exciting bunch of tutors, learners and other harmonica enthusiasts.

Ben also confessed that he fully intends to provide written literature to go along with his course. Though he did say he still has to research and write the book entitled Blues on the Chromatic Harmonica for Beginners. Adding to the point that Ben has a lot on his plate at present but will come through for his avid crowd of adoring fans.

Essential Details

The cost for the course is €250.00. The workshop will run over a Wednesday – Saturday and include 14 teaching units of 75 minutes each.

For full information head over to the website by clicking here.