Become the center of the attention.

Have you ever considered, while on a night out, giving a blast on the harmonica? Perhaps one evening down your local drinking hole you see a sign for karaoke or there’s a local band playing. We know you’ve often considered this choice and have even thrown caution to the wind.  If you haven’t – step up to the microphone to have a go!

Here are some pointers on how to approach performing on the harmonica in a karaoke style.  Enjoy.

  1. Find a song you like to hear that is in a suitable genre. It is very important to get this choice right and make it something that has some real passion behind it so you can enjoy yourself.
  2. Rehearsal is key, do you intend to do it alone, or will you have a singer with you? IF you have a singer then make sure your partnership is tested before the big night.
  3. Find out which key the song is in.
  4. Have a selection of harmonicas available to use on the night. That way you’ll be able to get the best sound.
  5. Have fun and the audience will too.

Check Mr Hewlett and Mr Prowse out.

Ben and Phil had a go and fortunately got it on tape for our viewing and listening pleasure! Here you go, click and enjoy.