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Bones of the Blues


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About this harmonica course

These play along harmonica lessons will teach harp players to play blues tunes and improvise in five different keys, all on the ‘C’ harmonica and all without bending a note! Ben explains more in our video:


The keys/positions are Dm/3rd, Em/5th, G/2nd, Am/4th and Bm/6th. The course sets out by revisiting chugging, but this time in three chord, 12-bar, 2nd position blues. You are then taught a pentatonic scale to improvise with, then a tune in the same scale/key and, finally, the full play along backing track.

The same learning routine is then applied to eight specially composed blues pieces in different styles, including jazz swing, Santana latin-style, blues/funk, New Orleans, shuffle, blues swing and more.

All our harmonica lessons can be downloaded as audio and PDF packs, stand alone PDFs, or ordered as CD and book.

Use the players below to preview individual tracks and watch Ben demonstrate some extracts from the course.

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