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About this harmonica course

Our entry-level play along harmonica lessons help beginners and more experienced harp players alike learn to play rhythm harmonica. Ben explains more in our video:


This course will get you started, teaching you how to play in rhythm and how to breathe – the very foundations of music and harmonica playing. It uses articulation (loud whispering of crazy phrases) and gets you chugging along with various styles of music compose for the course including blues, country, reggae, Indian, African, funk and more.

It’s challenging and fun, and you’ll be able to do the whole lot without needing to read music! The audio tracks are ‘stand alone’, so you can do the whole course without looking at the book.

We have, however, included a book to expand on the written form of music – this is a skill we encourage students to acquire along with learning to play and improvise by ear.

This book is currently only available to download.

Use the players below to preview individual tracks and watch Ben demonstrate some extracts from the course.

‘A real nice approach, and a wonderful teaching tool for everyone from beginners to intermediates.’ Lee Oskar himself!

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1 review for Get Chugging

  1. Ben Hewlett
    5 out of 5


    “A great teaching CD – a must for beginners and advanced players as well” – Paul Lamb, winner best UK Blues Harmonica player 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 (now in
    The British Blues Connection Hall of Fame).

    “If you want to play like Paul Lamb learn with Ben Hewlett.” – PAUL JONES, The Blues Band, BBC RADIO 2, JAZZ FM etc.

    “I like it very much and I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from it” – Johnny Mars,
    21st Century Blues Prophet.

    “This course is just what we need” – M. HOHNER

    “A real nice approach, and a wonderful teaching tool for everyone from beginners to intermediates” – Lee Oskar, President, LEE OSKAR HARMONICAS

    “A progressive approach” – Anthony Denton, Director of Resources, Leeds College of Music, and expert jazz baritone sax player.

    “Simplicity itself” – WB (a blind harmonica student).

    “It will appeal to every person who buys a new harmonica” – M. HOHNER (manufacturers of 30 million harmonicas every year since 1930).

    “I am playing the Harmonica for 12 years and now I am learning to play the Blues Harp with your courses!!!” – Lisa Fellinger Laakirchen Austria.

    “Very good indeed – pick it up, put in the CD and start playing. Good fun and accessible with dialogue.” – M.A. (A visually impaired player).

    Ben and Paul have given the world a pretty revolutionary new way of learning the harmonica – not even a trace of “When the Saints”! Concentrating on the blow and drawchords, Ben quickly gets you playing along to a series of very nicely produced and played instrumentals in a variety of styles. The emphasis is on playing rhythmically, and on the wide range of sounds and effects you can achieve by articulating different
    sounds into your harp. These range from the relatively sedate “choo choo chooo” to the sublimely bonkers “I would like a chicken tikka” ! MINSTRELS MUSIC – HARMONICAS DIRECT.

    “The good thing about this CD is that you’re instantly making music.” – Keith Warmington, BBC RADIO BRISTOL.

    “I have listened to the CD and feel that it represents good value and if your child follows the instructions and plays along with the music as asked, his/her practice will become more focused and will mean faster progress”– EJ Gibbs, Head of Music, High Littleton School.

    “Charlie (6) took to it like a duck to water – quite remarkable how you could get instant music out of it. You avoid all that incredibly boring banging away on one guitar string bit and get straight to the music – incredibly clever.” – Chris Logan Turner.

    “Just picked up a copy of your CD. I am a beginner, having been playing for about a year or so in earnest. It was a good time to be reminded of what I didn’t know!! Although there is no substitute for face to face teaching, this is a great way of installing basics. Looking forward to the next installment” – Keith Floodgate, student.

    “My congratulation on a job well done.” – Pat Missin, HARMONICA Guru

    “Thanks again for a great first lesson!! Been chugging ever since but still can’t say “took chicka tack chicka took chicka tack diddeley” anywhere near fast enough !!” – Martin Mason.

    “This is the ultimate format for teaching yourself how to play the harmonica” – Steve Proctor, GAD Former UK Distributor of HERING HARMONICAS (another huge manufacturer)

    “I am not interested in an instrument with missing notes. Therefore while I respect your hard work and educational aims, I cannot give you an appreciative quotation.” LARRY ADLER.

    “Hey, track 41’s dead cool.… One day yeah! Have you released the follow up to chugging yet?” – Keven Garner, student.

    “A great foursome – student, CD, book, and teacher.” – Colin Mort, CHAIRMAN OF NATIONAL HARMONICA LEAGUE AND EDITOR OF ‘HARMONICA WORLD.’

    “This CD is a treasure with simple clear instructions, recorded in top quality sound. A MUST for all to try, not just beginners and Ben makes if FUN! Endorsed by the International Harmonica Organization.” – John Walton, PRESIDENT OF THE

    “Excellent teaching and marvellous materials” – David Adams, ORCHESTRA MANAGER MCO LTD. English Baroque Soloist & Orchestre Revolutionaire et Romantique.

    “The evaluations from last year [the summer school] confirmed how popular the Harmonica Lessons were. We would very much like to build on this and concentrate the music lessons solely on one instrument, preferably the Harmonica.” – S. Herbert, BRISTOL ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND.

    “Ben is one of the West’s finest Harmonica Players” – Chris Serle, BBC RADIO BRISTOL.

    “…Harmonica guru, Ben Hewlett.” – SOMERSET GUARDIAN.

    “Ben is an inspiration to us all” – Edward Enfield (Harry’s Dad!) on RADIO 4 ‘FREE SPIRITS.’

    “Ben Hewlett, the respected British harmonica teacher.”
    Pat Missin, in HARMONICA WORLD.

    “Teaching is Ben’s ‘raison d’etre’, it’s what he does and he does it well.” M. HOHNER.

    “A fantastic teacher” – VIVA RADIO, LONDON.

    “A well–thought–out, musical, well–structured and useful resource for harmonica teaching. Great fun to use.” – Paul Matthews, Head of BRISTOL COUNTY COUNCIL SCHOOLS MUSIC SERVICES.

    “Ben, I’ve received Chugging, been trying it out and I’m impressed. The book is easy to follow and the CD is great. In particular, I like the play–along tracks being about 2 and 1/4 minutes long. Being able to practice the phrases and play rhythmically and continuously for about a song length period of time makes a refreshing change from playing along to the short bursts recorded on the CDs of other music books. I feel like I am beginning to make some music at last! I look forward to learning this volume and buying the next. I didn’t know rythmn harmonica could be so much fun. Thanks Ben and Paul, Cheers, Ty”

    “Hello Ben, Thanks for the chuggers course book and CD. As I said, I am not used to playing on a Richter tuned harp. So I got my chord harmonica and joined in, It’s fantastic. This could well be turned into a chord harmonica course. There are no such books on the market these days. Al Smith wrote one in the 70s but was done by hand and not looking professional. I am sure that, including me, there will be players also looking for volume II. A job well done. Very best wishes, Art Daane” (One of the grandees of the harmonica!)

    As a person who has grown blasé about tutor books especially those for beginners, and fed up with inane approaches and sameness, I was astonished to find myself wanting to get on to the next page because the ideas sucked me in. I had to reach for my harmonica and try what was being taught! I really do think that Ben and Paul have a winner here. I am very pleased to see that the harmonica tablature which assists players in the very early stages is quickly abandoned as you get to know where the notes are. Within the first couple of pages tab is only used to introduced new notes of effects. Douglas Tate, President of – The biggest harmonica community in the U.S.A.    

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