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Learn Harmonica Part 2


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An introduction to playing the diatonic harmonica. The perfect playalong course for all harmonica players by Ben Hewlett & Paul Lennon

How to play music on your harmonica.

Part 2 starts where Part 1 left off and in this book we start with some chugging using the lower part of the harmonica exploring rhythms and articulations.

Next we continue introducing you to the single un-bent notes of the lower octave, working through a series of rhythms and patterns, all of which are preparing you to play the next four tunes.

After the tunes we come to the middle octave of the harmonica using holes four, five, six, and seven.

Once again there are call and response exercises using rhythms and mixed patterns for you to play along with and these prepare you for the final series of tunes in this book.

If you enjoy learning to play music on your harmonica using written notation and backing tracks to play along with then this is for you!

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