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Sonny Boy Williamson II Blues Riffs

3.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)


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About this harmonica course

This play along course for beginners and intermediate harp players teaches you how to play traditional blues riffs on your harmonica, and is the ultimate short-cut fast-track to playing like ‘the one and only Sonny Boy Williamson II’. Ben explains more in our video:


Our harmonica lessons feature 60 great blues harmonica riffs for you to add to your repertoire, including intro riffs, outro riffs, turnarounds, solo building blocks, chordal chugging riffs for the low C harmonica (which also work fine on a normal C), question and answer phrases typical of Sonny Boy’s playing… in fact everything you need to learn to play like Sonny Boy!

Starting out simply, even total beginners will be able to play along. As the book progresses, you will come across new ideas, such as Sonny Boy’s unique approach to playing single notes, which we will teach you in just a few simple steps.

You’ll learn to play those wonderful deep chords, the high piercing phrases, the tremolo and vibrato techniques, the choking and tongueblock bending and the amazing phrasing. And, if you study this book, you will learn so much more about the man sometimes known as Sonny Boy Williamson the Second!

There are four play along tracks at the end of the album, to try the riffs out, and a bonus track called Harmonirap! featuring Ben Hewlett on harmonica and Mike Fry rapping.

All our harmonica lessons can be downloaded as audio and PDF packs, stand alone PDFs, or ordered as CD and book.

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2 reviews for Sonny Boy Williamson II Blues Riffs

  1. Ben Hewlett
    5 out of 5


    Compiled by Ben…

    Joe Filisko
    A worthy study for all blues harp players. Aren’t you happy to know that Ben has done much of the hard work for you by writing this book? While Sonny Boy (Rice Miller) did NOT have an original name, he did have a very original style, vocabulary of licks and execution of technique. It was him that inspired John Mayall’s hit “Room To Move”. Joe Filisko October 2011

    Richard Weiss
    If you want to know what it really takes (apart from just blowing and drawing) to get closer to one of the greatest harmonica players ever, this book is for you. It’s easy to understand, it’s loaded with information and it’s fun too. Thank you Ben and Paul!
    Richard Weiss Produktmanager Hohner

    Lee Sankey
    In this guide Ben Hewlett provides a fantastically accessible framework that you can use to begin to get inside this unmistakable playing style. All the key building blocks are here from chugging, soloing to endings. I have had a lot of fun playing through the riffs myself. Lee Sankey

    Jouko Kyhälä
    “Ben’s approach to blues styles is the ultimate solution in
    my teaching work. For me the written score is perfect, but
    for the student I just choose the method suitable for
    his/her skills; score, tabulature or aural. Everything works
    perfectly together. Once again a wonderful book from Ben
    and Paul!”

    Ben Bouman and
    Viola Barends
    “If you are willing to study one of the masters of the
    bluesharp, well… this book is certainly one of the best tools
    you can get. Clear explanation, lots of nice licks to practice and easy to read tabs/notes. Ben Hewlett has brought it all together in this book and truly honours Sonnyboy Williamson with his respectful explanation of typical SBW licks.
    So, start practising every day for 15 minutes and soon you
    will notice what it brings when you study a true master.”
    Ben Bouman and Viola Barends

    David Barrett
    “A really fun introduction into the chordal style of one of our
    greatest blues harmonica players… well done.”
    David Barrett

  2. 1 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great Course to get any keen player’s skill base to the next level. All simple to understand and fun to practice and you can move through at a speed that suits you and keep going back to polish the riff you have down. Thanks Guy’s for putting together such a easy to follow yet really comprehensive book. I will be back to gain more knowledge when I have finished this one.
    Daniel Fitzpatrick

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