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Sonny Terry 3 Blues Riffs

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About this harmonica course

If you are new to Sonny Terry please start with 'Sonny Terry Blues Riffs Book 2'

In these play along harmonica lessons for intermediate harmonica players, we delve even further into Sonny Terry’s style. You will learn to play 60 new Sonny Terry traditional blues riffs and expand your skills and your repertoire.


We’ve produced the backing tracks in a more modern idiom than the original Brownie McGhee style, tapping the more rocky vein of Sonny’s album with Johnny Winter.

There’s also a special bonus track (track 66) very kindly supplied by Grammy Award-winner Howard Levy and ‘Genesis at the Crossroads ( from their amazing album ‘Unfolding’ by Saffron Caravan.

All our harmonica lessons can be downloaded as audio and PDF packs, stand alone PDFs, or ordered as CD and book.

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1 review for Sonny Terry 3 Blues Riffs

  1. Ben Hewlett
    5 out of 5


    Compiled by Ben…

    Hi Ben
    I’m a Hungarian harmonica player. I just wanted to thank you for the instruction videos on youtube on Sonny Terry. I’d tried to find videos on how to master the sonny terry style and your video was the first that helped me greatly. Thanks a lot.
    Attila Lengyel

    Dear Paul,
    thank you for the Sonny Terry Riffs.
    I am almost 52 years old and employ myself for 4 years with the Harp. Actually I am not musical.
    Great appearances not have I planned, I play only alone for me (is perhaps also better so).
    My family does not find my new Hobby so good.
    I show ready quoted pieces quite well. It, however, is not right blues, still sounds too nice!
    I have already been interested in Sonny Terry very longer. I have the book of Tom Ball. Something was still missing but there. For what I have still looked are exactly the Sonny Terry Riffs from you.
    I must everyone Riffs practise very much and long, now till I can freely and without faults play.
    Much time still will pass. But the winter is long.
    Or do you have a better tip for practising?
    Yours Steffen

    I listened to Ben Hewlett’s video, demonstrating Sonny terry’s style of playing and was super impressed.  I’m going to get his book, when it comes out.  In my opinion, he’s got that sound down.  I learned about the blues, watching Sonny on Pete Seeger’s “Rainbow Quest” show, back in the sixties.  He’s always been my idol.  Been chasing that sound for over forty years.  Maybe Ben can teach this old dog some new chops.
    No affiliation, just excited.

    Peter Madcat Ruth
    “I first heard Sonny Terry on the radio in 1964.  My mind was blown, and my life was changed.  A few days latter I bought a Sonny Terry phonograph record and started to try to figure out how to play harmonica.  My task would have been a lot easier if Ben Hewlett’s Sonny Terry Riffs books were available back then.  I highly recommend you take advantage of this great opportunity to learn to play harmonica like Sonny Terry.  Enjoy!”
    (Extra thanks to this fine Grammy Award winning gentleman for letting us use one of his tracks – Georgie Buck – on the album as an example of contempory ‘Sonny style’ in full flight)

    Jerry Portnoy
    “Ben Hewlett has produced an extremely useful, clear and understandable breakdown of the key elements of Sonny Terry’s harmonica style and techniques. Highly recommended!”

    Richard Sleigh
    “Sonny Terry’s ‘controlled Epileptic fit’ style of harmonica playing was a jolt of Rock and Roll energy in the world of acoustic blues. I saw him once, and I was lucky – Brownie couldn’t make the gig and Sonny blew the roof off of the auditorium by himself with a sustained blast of genius and energy. Unforgettable. 
    If you are an intelligently lazy musician that wants to jump into the wild world of Sonny Terry, then be grateful that Ben Hewlett has done the heavy lifting for you. Just follow his instructions, learn the licks, master them and then forget them. Then look out – Sonny’s energy and genius will pop through you when you least expect it…. Your playing will never be the same!”

    Patrick Tan, Singapore.
    “After reading your book on Sonny Terry’s Blues Riffs, my
    curiosity on him was heated! The Asian players will definitely
    want to find out more from you! 3 Cheers for Ben! 3 cheers for

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