Harmonica Players – Great & Small

Our Sonny Terry Collection has been the fortunate receiver of some lovely endorsements over the years. Endorsement matters a great deal to us and with that in mind when positive feedback comes in we love to share it. We’ve been given direct quotes from some of the big names in the harmonica community who have enjoyed the books. We felt it worthwhile to share their words of encouragement with you now.


Jon Gindick

Ben Hewlett’s book and CD on the riffs and techniques of Sonny Terry will make a great study companion for all developing harp players. Terry was a master of rhythm and phrasing and Hewlett helps beginners turn simple patterns into complex ones. Although the material ranges from simple to complex, there is no doubt in my mind that beginning players will benefit from this project.

Rob Paparozzi

Ben has figured out how to make Sonny Terry’s licks & style attainable for harp players on all levels. His methodology and respect for the music are what make him a  great player and an extraordinary teacher. Kudos to Ben for ‘demystifying’ the work of one of our Harmonica Giants in a way thats makes it FUN to learn a style with many twists, turns, hoots and hollers!