Wikipedia makes room for the National Harmonica League

Just a short note to tell you all that you can find out a bit about the National Harmonica League from Wikipedia. As well as the league’s own website which you can access by clicking here. Our own Ben Hewlett is the current Chairman of the National Harmonica League, he was elected in October 2012 at the Annual General Meeting.

It is nice to note that an institution like the NHL has gained a place in history by being documented inside the world’s online encyclopaedia. So many societies do not get immortalized on the web in the way that Wikipedia does. Great to see the league and its’ community attracting the attention of Wikipedia. This truly means that the harmonica has high level importance and the league has contributed enough to the global harmonica community in positive ways that deserve recognizing and protecting.

Articles within Wikipedia are written and verified by the Wikipedia community itself and can be edited accordingly. As the league develops and Ben’s involvement as its’ Chairman continues I am sure we shall see the piece expand dramatically.