The Blues Harp Basics Collection downloadable book

Blues Harp Basics Collection

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About this harmonica course

It's available in three formats:

1. PDF and audio - the best for learning as you can hear the music and see the notation and tabs as well.

2. Audio only. Stereo mp3s of each track with the band on the right and the harmonica on the left - change the balance to suit you.

3. PDF only. Tab and conventional notation throughout. Each lesson is recorded at different speeds - learn at your own pace. Download the material and enjoy these harmonica lessons!

Another brilliant pairing; Blues Jam Factory is all about second position, whereas Bones of the Blues is all about third, fourth, fifth, and sixth positions.

Both books focus on the blues as you might be able to tell from the title.

Ben explains more in our video:

Blues Jam Factory starts with very basic blues pieces that you can use at a jam session or in a band – these are your fallback blues basics.

Things like the Hoochie Coochie riff and basic blues shuffles.Then we get into more involved playing but still it is all quite simple.

Here you will find rhythms, riffs, horn lines, baselines, and easy tunes, all steeped in the blues.Progressing onto Bones of the Blues, this book starts with a refresher of the 12-bar blues structure and some chugging chords before we get into single notes from here onwards.

Now you are going to learn minor pentatonic scales in the keys of E minor, D minor, A minor, and B minor. Using these notes we will learn how to play and extend these scales before using them to improvise with.  

There are eight tunes, two in each of the above mentioned keys. All composed to use the notes in those scales, so you should have no problem playing them.

The aim of this book is to enable you to play tunes and improvise on the blues using four different keys, or if you like, four different positions: third, fourth, fifth and sixth

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