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Learn Harmonica Part 3

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About this harmonica course

It's available in three formats:

1. PDF and audio - the best for learning as you can hear the music and see the notation and tabs as well.

2. Audio only. Stereo mp3s of each track with the band on the right and the harmonica on the left - change the balance to suit you.

3. PDF only. Tab and conventional notation throughout.

Each lesson is recorded at different speeds - learn at your own pace.

Download the material and enjoy these harmonica lessons!


Ben explains more in our video:

Hi, and welcome back to the third book in the Learn Harmonica series in which you will complete what you might term ‘basic training’ in harmonica playing.

In the last book we learnt how to play patterns and how to use the lower four notes (tetrachord) in the scale of C, and in this book we start by learning the upper tetrachord – the higher four notes in the scale of C i.e. G, A, B and C.

After a series of call and response rhythms and patterns to prepare you, we have four tunes carefully written to practise what you have just learned.

The next stage is learning the full C major scale. A series of longer and

more complex tunes are preceded by preparation exercises.  These use patterns and rhythms in call and response form.

When you have completed these three books you should be able to play chords and melodies on your harmonica in the key of C very comfortably.


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